How to attract top talent to your business

Build your brand

In order to attract top talent, it is crucial to be seen as knowledgeable within your industry. Ambitious professionals will want to continue to develop their careers through experience with you, so by enforcing your industry-leading reputation, you can provide immediate reassurance to potential candidates.

Consider the candidates’ perception of your brand. Where will they go to learn more about your organisation? How will they get in touch with you? It is essential to consider your candidates’ journey and what their experience will be across multiple touchpoints as they seek to learn more about the business and the role.

To attract the best people that fit into your company culture, you need to portray your company as honestly as possible; do not advertise flexible working hours if you are cannot offer this. This could damage your organisation’s reputation, especially if current employees are disgruntled by unfulfilled promises – word will get out. Equally, mention perks such as your fun Friday work socials if this is something you offer; a shying wallflower may not be the best fit for your company culture. Some candidates may prioritise a work/life balance over their take-home salary, so it is important to describe some of the perks associated with your organisation.

Why invest in the future?

72% of CEOs believe that the next three years will be more critical for their industrythan the past 50 years [1]. With limited talent pools and an increasing demand for the top talent within organisations, competition is high on the job market, and it could be your business competitor that secures an employment contract with an industry expert. With 9 out of 10 L&D leaders looking to attract and keep talent, it is a pressing issue for many organisations as staff turnover is higher than ever.

Studies have shown that 37% of process improvement achievers use recruitment software such as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in conjunction with learning technologies to reinforce the way they recruit, onboard and develop people versus 15% of non-achievers.

It is evident that using technologies provides hiring departments with the ability to improve their recruitment process through streamlining and attracting the best talent to their workforce, therefore delivering a better candidate experience through the entire recruitment journey.

Accomplished organisations rely on their people: talented employees ensure the growth and overall success of a business, so attracting the best available candidates in the initial attraction stage is crucial. Those investing in technology to support their recruitment processes are gaining a competitive advantage. They can create a better candidate experiencesave time and money; and create an ever-growing pool of talent which they can search and re-engage with to fill vacancies faster, reducing both hiring time and costs.

Attract talent more effectively

Technology has dramatically changed the approach of today’s jobseeker as they are much more digitally savvy. Talent will check out your company online, via social media and on review sites such as Glassdoor in an effort to experience what it will be like to work for your organisation.

70% of people trust current and past employees’ opinions over branded adverts [4] so make use of this – by using media-rich content such as videos of employee testimonials shared on your website, you can add a touch of reality and approachability.

It can be also useful to share insights of your day-to-day working environment on your company’s social media feeds. By providing this insight, potential applicants can make the decision as to whether your company culture is a suitable fit.

With that in mind, five simple points can help you to improve the candidate experience and attract the best candidates:

  1. Encourage your employees to post on review sites e.g. Glassdoor. Potential candidates are looking for validity in their application, so make sure they know they’re joining a great company.
  2. Have media-rich features on your web and career pages such as videos showing the ins- and outs- of a working day, or team profiles. Make it inspirational! You want to make people excited about joining.
  3. If you host work social events, share some insider pictures on your social media sites – this is beneficial for your clients too, to see that they’re dealing with real people.
  4. Consider the voice and tone used on social media. This should reinforce whatever personality your company is, from fun and bubbly, to aspirational and professional.
  5. Make your application process simple – don’t put up a barrier against attracting top talent, and ensure your online application form is inviting and easy to fill out on both mobile and desktops. Complicated, fussy process will affect your application rates.

Talented people are an imperative addition to your workforce

As the recruitment journey becomes increasingly digital, more companies are realising the usefulness of an ATS to enable them to effectively manage the entire recruitment process, starting with attraction, right the way through to hire and onboarding. 


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