The Frustrations of Today's Jobseeker

In December 2015, Jobsite surveyed 11,000 of their users who had been active in that past year, in order to get a feel for jobseekers’ main motivations and frustrations.

There were some pretty interesting results, concluding in three key pain points;


Lengthy application forms

37% surveyed, concluded that drawn out application processes are the least appealing part of job seeking. It has been proven, that whilst many jobseekers could persevere with a lengthy application, the most in demand are likely to go elsewhere.

Based on these findings, Jobsite recommend we all consider the necessity of questions asked and if some could be saved for a face-to-face interview, guaranteeing the quality of candidates filtering through.

Lack of Feedback

49% of jobseekers claim they have seldom or never received feedback having applied for a role. That amounts to almost half of all applicants, feeling a distinct lack of communication from the companies they have shown an interest in.

A worrying statistic when only 54% of candidates said they would wait only 1-7 days to hear back from an application, before moving on, and a small 34% would wait up to 2-3 weeks.

Proof that timely feedback is essential to secure the right candidates and, not only, creates a good impression but saves the recruiter time too!

Poor vacancy information

When surveyed by Jobsite, candidates found that the most frustrating part of job applications were unclear salaries and unclear locations. In fact, this stops around 30% from applying to a job and findings show a 68% higher application rate for roles that state salary, an increasingly important reference point for any job seeker.

With even 41% of the currently employed searching daily and a further 64% passively searching, these key pain points are essential knowledge to take advantage of the vast candidate possibilities. It is a sure fire way to ensure the attraction and hire of the ideal applicant.


From this article and following the example of the RECs Good Recruitment Campaign, Omnio have always strived to maintain a good candidate experience throughout the whole job seeking process. To strengthen best practise, we supply bespoke software that allows for multiple and relevant touch points with candidates to aid in communications along their journey to finding the right job.

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