The Values I Work By

Values define companies. The recent emissions scandal with Volkswagen wasn’t because of a terrible mistake or a breakdown in communication, it was because of the core values at the heart of their organisation that put success above all else. Indeed for many companies, the self-proclaimed, polished values that you find on their website and their endless sales literature never make it to their day-to-day activity. I genuinely believe that it’s this disparity that causes most of the consumer distrust in business that we’re seeing grow every day and it’s why I put such a large focus on strong, meaningful values pervading everything that Omnio does.

As a previous director of the REC, I’m not just passionate about strong values but the state of the whole recruitment industry and I was thrilled for the opportunity to found and lead a fixed price recruitment company at a time when I could see so much to improve. There’s no denying it – recruitment has gone digital but many make the mistake that moving online means cutting away service until only the bare bones are left.

I continue to take a different approach: recruitment is about people. No matter how the industry evolves in the decades to come, recruitment is always about people. With every new technology that emerges, my first question is always “how can this help my candidates and clients?”. At a time when many applicants never hear back when they’re unsuccessful, we’ve embraced our ATS to make sure everybody is kept updated and get the feedback and closure they need. When unbranded job board adverts emerged at rock-bottom prices, we pushed for clients to not abandon their employer brand. When recruitment started to become increasingly faceless, we made sure we were meeting our clients in person.

When we started trading, we didn’t need a whole list of values. It was right there in one single line:

People are at the heart of everything we do.