Impacting Small Businesses

Small businesses are a huge part of the UK with a third of us working for companies with less than 10 employees. With such low staff numbers, these companies are often overlooked by the recruitment world, despite being some of the most interesting and innovative places to work.

As fixed price recruitment emerged, everybody focused on the high-volume hiring but nobody seemed to care about what this could do for small businesses.

Be vocal about your brand
Small businesses can have amazingly vibrant personalities. They have the quirks and differences that large organisations often can’t hold onto, along with innovative ideas and exciting products and services. These can make your company a really attractive place to work and make finding passionate, skilled workers easy. By using job boards and social media to advertise your role, you can let your brand shine and compete with the big companies for the best talent.

Don’t let recruitment get in your way
One of the biggest stresses that recruiting can bring is handling all the applications once they’ve come in. You get CV after CV in different formats, in different locations with obscure file names and no way of tracking which ones you’ve looked at and what you thought of them. You’ve then got to contact each person (even if it’s just to reject them) and you haven’t even interviewed anybody yet!

With our Applicant Tracking Software you can clearly and easily see every application as they come in. Search them with ease, add comments for later, mark a shortlist, send template emails en masse and login from anywhere. You’ll never look back and with every campaign you book with us, we give you access - FREE!

Make hiring affordable
Even if you’re only hiring one person, fixed price is still a fraction of the cost of traditional agencies. Hiring more people? Then the savings keep on coming! Talk to Omnio today about the best service for you.