The Next Generation: How fixed price recruitment has grown up

Innovation and mistakes go hand in hand. For every Facebook taking over the world, there are a thousand new businesses failing to get off the ground. Exciting development comes with a history of trial and error and fixed price recruitment is no exception.

At its most basic, fixed price recruitment means a company advertises your vacancy on job boards and receives the applications. This is then charged at a fixed price per campaign, rather than per person and with more than 20 million jobseekers online, it’s a powerful model that can be really cost effective.

By 2013, fixed price was starting to really gain attention but with a lot of bad press. It was considered 'grubby recruitment' by many and for some good reasons. Too much of a focus was placed on the cost-saving element and companies got into a race-to-the-bottom that left a lot to be desired in service offering. Everything was automated, CVs were ranked by computers and the personal approach was stripped away.

With clients focusing on service delivery and the quality of relevant applicants, the technology being used was the start of something really quite powerful but it still hadn’t reached its potential. So in April of last year (and after a lot of hard work researching our market place) I launched Omnio!

Our focus was to take the existing product offering of fixed price recruitment and build on it with the service and flexibility of an agency. This was an innovation in itself and has come with its own trials and tribulations. As we come to the end of our first year, I’ve looked at how our service has grown and matured over the past months.


The first thing that became clear was that no matter how good you think your service offering is, companies will still want to change it. Different organisations have different existing resources, different practices and so no package solution is ever going to be right.

With many additional elements including CV screening, ATS access, assessment days and telephone interviews, fixed price has become a starting point for a broader service that suits each company and each role. One size does not fit all.

Candidate is King

The candidate experience is key when on-boarding new employees. It’s the simple idea that if people want to work for you, you should make the experience as professional and welcoming as possible, and it should start from the minute they apply for a role with you. Unfortunately when recruiters and hiring managers are pushed for time, this is the first thing that gets overlooked. Many candidates complain about lack of contact from recruiters or never hearing back from the company they have applied to. However, with quality Applicant Tracking Software, candidates can now be kept up to date every step of the way without taking up your time. You can even customise the emails to fit your company, which brings us neatly on to…

Employer Branding

You want to be an employer of choice, right? So don’t assume an unbranded advert on a job board will attract the attention of the applicants you desire. Your brand is the most valuable and unique part about you, and this needs to reflect in your advertising. Nobody gets excited about working for a nameless company - there’s nothing enticing about a ‘market-leader’. By building your brand as an employer, you can not only attract more applications but also win over the applicants with competing offers. Recruiters should be working with you to build and sustain a fantastic employer brand and fixed price has evolved to do just that.

The Next Generation

Fixed price really has grown up over the last couple of years and I’m sure there’s much more to come. Whether you have tried it before or not, it’s time to give the next generation a go. It could be the best call you make.

This post was written by Sam Morris, the Managing Director of Omnio. She was previously a Director of the REC and has worked hard bringing the very best of recruitment to the fixed price model.