How to Write an Effective Job Advert

There is a huge trend in job adverts to just repeat the job spec rather than actually trying to sell people the role. A lot of companies are advertising very well but a lot are really not.

Apple don't advertise the iPhone by listing the hardware specifications. They entice you. They try to make you want the product befor eyou even know what it does. Obviously this is much easier to do when you're selling something pretty and shiny but the same approach can and should still be used for jobs. Unless you're a huge household name, most people aren't going to be jumping out of their seats to work for you so your biggest job is getting people excited. A small amount of thought and care can make a huge impact on the quantity and quality of your applications.

Sell what your company does

What are you good at? Why are you different from the competition? Why should anybody care about your company? Branded advertising is very important here (and why Omnio always provide it). Nobody is going to get excited about an anonymous 'market-leading' company.

Show that the job is important

It's not enough that the company is important. You also need to show that the role is important and integral to what the company does. This doesn't have to be high management positions - everything from customer service to finance is important to the smooth running of an organisation.

Sell your company culture

Everybody wants a nice place to work. Show people that, not only is the work worth doing, but they'll enjoy doing it too.

With years of experience in online recruitment, Omnio are experts in creating effective and attractive job adverts as well as optimising them for job boards. If you need any help in making your advert just right, we're only a phone call away.