Convincing Candidates in a Competitive Market

You’ve done it! Out of all the applicants you’ve finally found ‘the one’, but they don’t seem as committed. Maybe they have another offer or maybe they’re just not that impressed with you any more. The instinctive reaction is to offer them more money, which can be a legitimate method - you don’t want to miss out on the perfect candidate by being too frugal. However, there are other options you may not have considered.

Make it look secure

The economy may be on the up but it is still temperamental. With many companies folding, big and small, showing your growth and your stability can really comfort any fears.

Demonstrate progression

Even if they’ve been offered a better role, it may be in a company with no hopes of promotion. The prospect of career progression is enticing, particularly to highly-motivated candidates, and this can really get their attention. Be clear about the opportunities for professional development and tell them about all the people who have risen up the ranks. They will start picturing themselves doing the same.

Offer challenging work

Nobody wants to be bored all day, no matter what the pay. Show off the exciting possibilities of the role and what they could achieve.

Show you care. Do the tour

Bad management and unfriendly co-workers are a common cause of people changing jobs. Give them a tour of the offices to meet the other staff and experience the company culture.  A friendly welcome will make them feel wanted and respected.

Be flexible

Do you offer flexi-time? Can they work from home occasionally? If so make this as clear as possible. It can be really important to some people and an attractive perk to others.

Values can be invaluable

Ethics in business is an important issue to more and more candidates, particularly the younger generation. What does your company do to help? When does it do a little bit extra? Make sure people know.