Recruitment is Mobile. Are You?

Optimising your website for mobile may not be your first thought when considering your recruitment but it is becoming increasingly vital.

First impressions count. Adapt your website.

As many as 90% of 18-25 year-olds now job hunt on mobile devices. People of all ages frequently use their mobile to passively job search in their spare time. Tiny text and buttons can lead to a frustrating and difficult user experience.

The benefits of responsive vs. optimised web design spark much debate, each have their own merits and you should research them thoroughly to find the best solution for your needs. Either method will ensure your website looks as good as possible on smaller devices. Also consider offering clear, easy options to contact you like an email address or phone number.

Prevent incomplete applications

Touchscreen devices aren’t designed for extensive typing and can make lengthy forms too tedious to complete. By offering the option to save an application for later, you allow for applicants to complete the form on a different device and even to a higher standard. This is particularly important for including CVs as most mobile devices can’t upload files to websites.

Keep track

You can get invaluable feedback about how people interact with your website, what features cause them to leave and what parts add complication. There are many services beyond the standard Google Analytics that you can test and the results can be extremely useful.