Too many applicants to handle?

Every application screened and organised

You've done a great job! You've posted a vacancy out into the world and loads of people have applied.

But now your inbox is crammed full of applications and you have to read every single one, keep track of the ones you like and communicate all this to your team. You struggle to find a specific application you liked and you dread having to recruit two roles at the same time.

Don't you wish it could be easier?

Omnio's In-House Screening

Our team of resourcers at Omnio personally screen each and every application you receive, clearly marking a shortlist of the best and delivering them straight to you. Never look at an irrelevant CV again.

Applicant Tracking Software

Our ATS lets you clearly see every application you receive and which have been shortlisted. Let anyone in your HR team login and manage applications, communicate with applicants and search from previous roles. You can even set permission levels to keep full control.

Candidate Experience

All hiring managers wish they could reply to every application but most simply don't have the time. At Omnio the candidate journey is important to us and we have built our service with that in mind. Our ATS keeps candidates updated through every stage of the hiring process, giving every applicant a great experience of your company. You can even customise each message to stay inline with your brand.

Find Out More

We've built Omnio to be flexible to your needs. If you'd like to know more about how we can help your business, call us on 01962 850058 or email us at